HelloFlo: The Guide, Period - Penguin Random House
HelloFlo: The Guide, Period - Penguin Random House

Illustrated the interior for Penguin Random House's book "HelloFlo: The Guide, Period", aimed for pre-teen girls. Illustrated over 120+ images for the publication. Including some sketches for the cover.

"(...) Fleur is more than just a talented artist: she’s thoughtful, invested, reliable, and professional. She immediately understood the heart of the project and quickly developed a tone and style that fit it perfectly. (...) Throughout this entire project, it has been enormously valuable to know that I can depend on Fleur to deliver beautiful, well-considered, appropriate art, exactly when she said she would. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to make this book without Fleur."
- Anna Booth, Designer
Dutton Children’s Books

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